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Lab_colour /* russian club studio, london, 2016 */

  • Lab_607173
    L60a71b73 (JAFFA)

    Lab_607173 , 2016

    unique c-type & inkjet prints on archival & fine art paper
    40 x 50 inches; 102 x 128 centimetres

    Lab_COLOUR project is a series of monochromatic works executed using state of the art inkjet and laser printing techniques. They are designed to address the challenges encountered by those who are faced with a task of making a physical image from a digital format. The initial contrast between the printing techniques is epidemically multiplied by combining each constant with a variable of fine art or archival papers and in turn yields a unique aesthetic for each print made. Amassing these variations Lab_COLOUR series explores the diversity of available options and doubles as a large scale installation in which the focus of individual pieces is to highlight both technological advances and limitations of each technique and paper used. Assembled together the prints further demonstrate that a digital file of a single colour can be transformed into an array of standalone and unified artworks each capable of evoking a unique emotional response.
    The installation is composed of 2 or more of the following artworks:
    A1_Lab607173_ft, A2_Lab607173_cfm, A3_Lab607173_ghp, A4_Lab607173_gge, A5_Lab607173_cff, A6_Lab607173_ghw, A7_Lab607173_cfg, A8_Lab607173_gesg, A9_Lab607173_gcb, A10_Lab607173_ckm, A11_Lab607173_gcar, A12_Lab607173_ghpr, A13_Lab607173_cv,

    ... (et al)

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